Amelie - from Genevies’ “Dusk Till Dawn” collection

Amelie - from Genevies’ “Dusk Till Dawn” collection

The Story of Genevie

Genevie is an Australian owned boutique label dedicated to creating exquisite original prints & showcasing them on a range of gorgeous textiles & homewares. The journey began when surface designer Anna Bowring tried to find her best friend a beautiful robe for her wedding day.

“My fabulously eccentric Great Aunt gave me a silk kimono given to her by a boyfriend in the 20's. It had the most beautiful print of flowers & birds on the softest silk.  I wore it all the time - to get ready in, put a face on or just swan around in because it made me feel so glam and fab.  When my best friend was getting married I wanted to buy her a similar robe so she could get ready in style. I couldn't find anything like it. Lots of plain beige, navy & ivory silk robes but nothing with silk AND print. At the same time as my friends wedding I was looking to shift careers to something more creative. 

I've always loved painting, I have art books at home full of flowers, birds and landscapes. I'm also a hoarder of beautiful fabrics & prints.  The idea came to me to study textile design so I could learn how to transform my hand-painted art into prints that would look stunning on my own line of silk kimonos  -  just like the one my Aunt gave me all those years ago”

From here, the label Genevie was born. Since 2014 an exquisite collection of silk kimonos featuring hand-painted heady florals, sunsets & birds in flight has been ever growing. The artwork prints in deep vibrant colours on glossy saturated silk so that each colour palette makes the woman wearing it glow. Wearing a Genevie robe transports the wearer to a place where reading a magazine or putting makeup on becomes an act of glamour. The robes are free flowing because luxury should feel easy.

More abstract impressions of nature are used to create the scarves & outerwear. The original artwork is created using watercolours, gouache, ink, pastels, collage & photography. A new range of delightful ceramic coasters are launching soon.

Genevie embraces nature, romance & the beauty of women. Genevie is a French name for a girl. Being from the language of love & meaning “of the race of women”, makes the name a perfect fit.