Anna Bowring is a Sydney based textile designer who launched her gorgeous kimono label GENEVIE  in 2014. She graduated from the Fashion Design Studio @ Sydney TAFE with a Diploma in Textile Design and won the award “Best Design and Product” for her exhibition showcase. From here Anna wanted to work for herself doing what she loves most, transforming her artwork into wearable fabric. She started her own business, creating a beautiful, luxury product- a modern silk kimono. She uses the kimono as the basis to showcase her vibrant and colourful designs. She hopes to continue to grow her business and share her designs with the world. No small task in amongst having two babies! Four year old Leo and baby Grace are her two gorgeous little humans that fill her world with chaos, love and light.

Inspiration for her prints come from the natural world.  Flowers, birds, sunsets and seasons often feature in GENEVIE kimonos and scarves.  Anna loves looking at Japanese botanical art for inspiration but her vibrant prints have a uniquely Australian feel.  Anna’s original artwork for each kimono is created using watercolours, pastels, collage and photography.

Anna embraces romance and femininity when designing prints for the women who wear her kimonos.­­­ GENEVIE  is a French girls name which means – of the race of women. Anna thought this was the perfect name to describe her label given the beauty of the name, its feminine meaning and French being the language of love.